PR#16. TEMPANO / TE​:​RS - Split 7"

by Pifia Records

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7" split between the bands Tempano (Cantabria, north Spain) and teːrs (Göttingen, Germany), one song each spinning at 45 r.p.m.

All records pressed on green vinyl.
Presented in a double sided, two colors screen-printed cover and a hand stamped paper sleeve.
Includes a separated offset printed inlay.

547 pcs. made:

- 150 band records in creame/light brown covers
- 150 band records in coconut/dark brown covers
- 247 labels records in old grey covers


Split 7" a 45 r.p.m. entre los grupos Tempano (Cantabria) y teːrs (Göttingen, Germany)

Todos los discos prensados en color verde.
Presentado en carpeta abierta serigrafiada a dos colores por ambas caras y funda interior de papel sellada a mano.
Incluye inserto impreso con los agradecimientos.

Primera tirada de 547 copias:

- 150 copias para los grupos y sellos de la península con carpetas impresas en papel de color crema/marrón claro
- 150 copias para los grupos y sellos de la península con carpetas impresas en papel de color coco/marrón oscuro.
- 247 copias para los sellos alemanes con carpetas impresas en papel de color gris plomizo.


released March 19, 2016

Beide Lieder komponiert und dargeboten von den Bands.
Artwork von Guckart. Gedruckt in Heartless DIY Printings.

Ambos temas compuestos e interpretados por los grupos.
Diseño de la portada por Guckart. Impreso en Heartless DIY Printings.

Both tracks composed and interpreted by Témpano.
Artwork by Guckart. Printed at Heartless DIY Printings.




Pifia Records Asturias, Spain

DIY, non-profit label based on Asturies and Baden-Württemberg bringing out punk records since May 2012.

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Track Name: Tempano - Pasajes de desencanto

"Pasajes de desencanto"

Fuimos cautivados por las palabras,
Descubriendo el sabor de los pensamientos,
construimos recuerdos tan lejos del mundo.

Nuestras voces se cruzan al azar,
desde cualquier remoto lugar.
Nuestras miradas entrelazadas,
sembraban inalterables instantes.

Cerramos los ojos, con el deseo
con el deseo que al despertar,
se mantuviera inalterable
inalterable como lo dejamos.
Grité sin obtener ninguna respuesta,
y ahora dejo atras mi benévola esperanza,
viajo sin moverme,
y ahora dejo atrás mis sombrios pensamientos,
y mientras, mi afonia describe mi rendicion,
tras mi benévola esperanza.

Lejos, mientras aquellos recuerdos
de aquellos pasajes de bienestar, y mientras,
mi afonia describe mi rendicion,
recontruyo recuerdos, en estos desgastados
viajo sin moverme con mi único
recuerdo de estos días que no supe colmar,
tan solo, sintiendo ausencia.


"Passages of disappointment"

We were captivated by the words.
Discovering the taste of thoughts,
we built memories so far in the world.

Our voices randomly intersect,
from any remote location .
Our intertwined looks
seeded unalterable moments.

We close our eyes , wishing that upon awakening,
everything would keep, keep as we left .
I screamed without getting no response,
and now I leave behind my benevolent hope,
I travel motionless,
and now I leave behind my glum thoughts,
and while my aphony describes my surrender.

Far, while those memories,
of those passages of wellness,and while
I rebuild memoriess in these worn days
that I couldn't fill,
so alone, feeling the absence.
Track Name: teːrs - melodies & crazes
"Melodies & Crazes"

This faked silence leaves me sick.
My well intentioned conscience
goes all out to make me take your hand and side as I know
hope you do, too
none of this is or ever was not in the slightest way on you
but it is you who would have to stick it out
what’s the use then anyhow
what’s its use then anyhow

so we agreed to keep the balance
hopes and patience for its end
the lesser evil so you said
is what is easy to disguise

but you‘re not doing fine
No, you‘re not doing fine
no hands to help and this bland face
does need no single word to say:
‘See I couldn’t do it better, all I tried just made things worse‘

choosed to explain, tried to allay, refrained from naming any scrape
for appearances‘ sake
but dear all choices that appear are signed and sealed by this assembled shreds of fears

out of things to say

this melody, these days
still in my heart and so are you
I remember every single note
to remind you if you don’t

this melody, this craze
is in my heart and it is you
that harms I feel and scars I see
- it physically breaks my heart

We‘ll stop repeating every habit
and all words that feed our fears
We’ll find some more of us the lovers
We’ll keep our heads and hearts up clear
We won’t content ourself with little
Nor keep it quite for keeping peace
We’ll stop to act against perception
Improve our skills in taking heed
we’ll reinsert what we once promised
hold tight to anger that appears,
we will place that missing piece
refuse to fall to any fear

we will recover
we’ll be that bother
uncover all that strategies
incite unrest for dignity

we will recover
we’ll back each other
that wounds will mend, harms will recede
these distanced smile admit you’re fine
you will be fine
you will be fine