PR#23. The SMUDJAS - "February" 12" EP (Repress)

by Pifia Records

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released July 7, 2016




Pifia Records Asturias, Spain

DIY, non-profit label based on Asturies and Baden-Württemberg bringing out punk records since May 2012.

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Track Name: Weapons
Will you ever be by my side?
Will you ever try?
Something better than the last time?
Will I finally stay?

When it started you were the one,
everything shined so bright.
Now we’re lost in classifying
which weapon we shall rise.

Maybe tonight or next time.
Will I ever choose the right side?
Will I ever try?
Something better than the last time,
or is it a waste of time?
Track Name: Play that record
It seems strange but now I’m feeling fine,
I’m still alive, it’s not that obvious but it’s a good start.

It’s ok to be confused,
to feel the blues,
stay by my side
and we can play that record
and you will feel fine.

I’m sure we’re not gonna wake up alone
I’m sure we’re not gonna bear this alone
It will last over and over again

Over years, cities and countries
Over hearts, lives and lovers
Some friends are forever
Track Name: Five steps
I'll try, it seems easy: just let it go, stay busy, stop whining. Up all night, sleep all day skip your job call your friends So easy, but it's not so easy, you're in my mind. Lay in bed cut your hair don’t go home lose your phone. It's So easy but not so easy, you're in my mind. It's So easy but not so easy because I still think of you. I tried, I let it go, I was busy but i cheated and I failed: I still think of you.
Track Name: Away
The more we talk the more we miss the point in all this mess we made. This endless stall makes me nervous makes me moan.
I'm not that easy, but I'm not out of control.

I fell like going home, or I feel like running away from home?
Lets spend some time together, before we say goodbye.
We could just keep on breathing or we could just let us flow
Track Name: We're restless
We’re restless.
We’re the ones.
We’re the others.
We’re the last.

We’ll be lovers
for one hour.
We’ll be haters.
We’ll get hurt.

We’re restless and we’re the ones.
We’re the others, forget them all.

We’ll fight, we’ll fall, we'll be gone