PR#30. I RECOVER - "Searching for you" 7" (OUT NOW​!​)

by Pifia Records

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Released by Boslevan Records, Cosmic Note Records, Dingleberry Records and Pifia Records.


released June 6, 2017

I recover sind Daniel (vocals), Dan (guitar), Tobias (bass) and Flo (drums).

Recorded by christoph scheidel at in september 2016
Mixed and mastered by jack shirley at in october 2016.




Pifia Records Asturias, Spain

DIY, non-profit label based on Asturies and Baden-Württemberg bringing out punk records since May 2012.

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Track Name: Ghosting
What if I, what if I told you we were searching for you?
What if I told you that your silence’s still getting through?

The moment you turned, you left two distressed friends behind.
How could it feel so safe? How could you run away and hide?

And when I think about these days, euphoria fades into grey.
All our anthems died away. I want to forget, I want to forget.

We have to forget. We cannot forget.
How could you forget about us three?

Are you aware that so many steps you took were simply wrong?
Are you aware of the pain you caused for far too long?

And when I think about these days, euphoria turns into grey...
to grey… to grey…

Do you even know what it feels to feel?
Do you even know empathy?
Track Name: Kiss the floor
Two different worlds we share while walking on the same thin line.
Two different ways to care: You live your life and I live mine.

And I love our times of harmony!

Two different views we dare: You’ve got the city, I’ve got my pack.
Two sides of the same coin and the price we pay is our own joy.

And I need the freedom in between!

Live your life and be happy as never before.
I hope that you feel perfect. It doesn’t matter if I kiss the floor.

For you I’d kiss every floor!

Take your time and space, if you want to hide.
As long as you stand with safety by your side.
Because what we share is trust and respect.
We’ll always watch our backs.
Track Name: I found shelter
I, I don’t know why but I’ve always been scared
of the ordinary people and their ordinary world.
The shadows of the past and the bridges they’ve burned.
Yes, I’ve always been scared.

But I found shelter behind blue walls.
I found a place to live, dream and hope.

Living the dream!

I, I don’t know how but I could get away
from routine, boredom and pressure of the peers.
The masses’ judgment that kept me down for years.
Yes, I could get away.

‘Cause I found shelter behind blue walls.
I found shelter behind blue walls.
Track Name: Glue me
I remember your shine.
I remember these days.
I hate the way you made me feel.
I love the way of feelings you’ve paved.

I remember your smile.
I remember everything!
Walking down our memory lane.
Times are never going to be the same!

Lock me in or bring me some glue.

Give me pain and give me pressure.
Situation’s out of my hands,
I can’t push anything forward.

Give me a name and give me pleasure.
My door is always open.
You enter my house as a stranger.

And now it’s up to you: Lock me in or bring me some glue.

My door is always open.
A once so solid heart is broken.

And now it is up to you:
Lock me in or bring me some glue.
Lock me in or bring me some glue.
Lock me in or bring me some glue.